Digital Marketing Tactics using SEO & Google Adwords

Fortunately for us, businesses can directly come into contact with consumers via the internet. Using e-commerce to reinforce your brand saves time and money for consumers. The most popular e-commerce platforms include Amazon.com, Alibaba, Shopify, and many others. We specialise in Woo-commerce but that’s another story. A successful e-commerce strategy should help to expand your businesses reach with potential customers and provide a product or service in a seamless transaction to the customer. Research from 2017 clearly stated that an individual spends five years and four months on an average using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, or many others during his lifespan.

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Customer Buying Power

Todays consumers are empowered with a lot of options. They’re also concerned about the price they are paying for a product. This increases the difficulty for companies to convince them to buy their products. When a consumer searches for a product, several competing products come forward that creates competition in terms of quality and price. The consumers are always busy looking for quick solutions for products and services. They want instant replies and answers to their queries. Therefore, an optimised SEO strategy alongside a well planned Google Advertising Campaign is imperative when using Google as a Search Engine for your business. 

The Heartbeat of an E-Commerce Customer

To get the best result, you need to place yourself in the minds of the consumer. The company should understand the needs, wants, and demands of consumers in a specific location. Get the consumer’s information and build your database. Through communicating with consumers via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. This way you are cross-targeting consumers through Facebook, e-mail, or Google ads to familiarise buyers with your company and more importantly the services or products that your provide. An analysis and testing of your e-commerce business should be carried out from time to time increase the reliability of consumers. The social elements like a product review, feedbacks, testimonials, queries segment, or social log-in segment all enhance the trust of buyers and increase the conversion rate. 

The success of e-commerce business lies in evolving your business with challenging trends

Organic reach is very important to promote your website and make it visible to people online. SEO supports to your business improve the ranking of your online business by taking your website to the top Google’s search engine results page (SERP). If your page is ranked among the top pages of search engines, statistically speaking you will get an average of 33% increase in organic traffic.

Practical tips to improve organic traffic with SEO:

I’ll share a few secrets for how to increase organic traffic with SEO on your website. Let’s have a look at it.

  • The basis of the highly ranked website is based on the use of correct on-page keywords. You should consider a professional content writer that has complete information about your brand.
  • You can use certain tools such as Google Keyword Planner or SEMRush to find a profit-generating keyword. A purposeful, well          written, solution offering, informative, lengthy, and relevant content is worthy to read and share by the audience.
  • The tools like Buzzsumo, Alltop, Quora, or Google Trends are used significantly to research a specific topic that you are going to                 publish.
  • Ad visual elements or infographics that make your content worthy to read and share. It has been researched that 65% of people are         visual learners and not readers at all. It builds a long-term memorable connection with your brand.
  • Link building is a community high-jacking technique. It consists of several online communities surrounding your target market that            builds a relationship with your clients and helps to promote your content.
  • A hidden trick is website acquisition. It helps your website to absorb all organic traffic of that page and add a huge influx of                         meaningful content on your website occurs.
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Grow your business with Google or Facebook ads

On average, people consume around several hours of social media content. Currently, 2.3 billion users are linked with Facebook per month. Hence, social media is the largest social platform to infuse brand awareness by providing creative content. Likewise, there are more than 5 billion searches are performed by users on Google. Making Google Ads a great option for driving further sales into your business.


You will get the following benefits with Google or Facebook ads.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Repeated ads improve the buying capacity of buyers
  • Spread information about your products or services
  • Insist on consumers to buy a specific product
  • Retargeting increases conversion rate by upto 30% according to Google’s stats.

Tips to improve sales:

  • First, you should analyse your advertising budget for your organisation. Some organisations are extremely confused about selecting either Facebook or Google ads. In my opinion, you should invest in both. Here I am sharing a few tips to increase the sales via Google or Facebook ads.
  • Always use negative keywords to eliminate un-necessary searches and increase the likelihood of organic on your website through ads. Prevent from spending money on non-relevant keywords and keep your ROIs to the point.
  • Always use Google to find an appropriate negative keyword. Compare the keyword with other advertisers and how this keyword is affecting their business.
  • To display your ads properly, you should review and update Google Ads of Facebook ads’ keywords to drive organic traffic.
  • Long-tail keywords decrease competition by increasing sales. Although, they are unpopular and deceases CPCs yet they bring organic traffic. Remove duplicate keywords. 
  • To go on the top page, add your brand name in the URL of Google or Facebook ads.
  • Check the metrics and demographic compatibility to sell your products before the advertisement.
  • Tell consumers about your story, use Facebook offers, and target a boosting content for marketing of your goods.
  • Come with an interactive and brilliant idea to promote your brand.

How can lawyers in Brisbane are using digital marketing to promote their practices?

The lawyers in Brisbane are practicing law through digital media. The law case websites contain reviews of the trusted customers, complete details of solved cases, question & answer session, chatbox, free subscription to entitle your website among top-rated pages. A well-established website with hyper-specific keywords and SEO blog-posts has increased the rate of organic traffic on their websites. Those websites who have connected their blogs with legal firms and legal directories increase the reliability rate of their content. The hyper-targeting PPC improves the ranking of the website. The conversion optimising marketing and appropriate social media ads creates an impactful act on your website. However, do not forget to keep an eye on your competitors and understand what are they doing?

Thank you for reading, and as always if you’re looking for local professional digital marketing experts give us a call so we can discuss your business goals. 

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